Below is a list of the books Oluf F. Konstroffer has published as part of his work as an international executive search consultant.  In his books he addresses, among other things, the differences between German and American corporate culture and describes how a company or candidate succeeds.

Erfolgreich arbeiten bei US-Gesellschaften in Europa

This comprehensive bilingual German/English guide leads you to success by helping you get along in US companies, understand cultural differences as well as how to best adapt your personal attitude to the demands of US corporate culture.

American Job Titles - und was sie bedeuten

Anyone wanting to be well prepared for increasingly tough global competition in the interview process will find in this book a description of more than 60 JOB TITLES. Practical examples in German and English will familiarize you with the personal and professional requirements that one must be able to fulfill for each respective position. A JOB TITLE says more than a 1000 words. A person just has to understand it.

So nutzen Sie Ihre Chancen in amerikanischer Unternehmenskultur

For Germans, US companies are often known as having an unusual corporate culture. Anyone wanting to be successful in German subsidiaries of US companies, or anyone who wants to work in the United States must possess the right attitude and the necessary understanding of this work environment. This comprehensive guide helps you to get along in US companies, to understand cultural differences and tells you how to best adapt your personal attitude to the demands of US corporate culture. For a better sense of these issues and the correct usage of American business language, the most important chapters are also printed in English.

Der Weg nach oben

On your way to the top - if this is your goal - you will not want to leave anything to chance. Behind every successful operation is a well-thought-out strategy – the contents of this comprehensive candidate reference book (with an interactive CD-ROM) are dedicated to this title. The authors report from experience on career development and provide a glimpse behind the scenes of the personnel-recruiting business. You will better understand what it takes to be ahead of the game during the interview process, probation period and the day-to-day business routine.

Heute hier, morgen dort

Anyone changing his place of employment is subject to many legal questions. In this practical book, written in layman’s terms, you will find a comprehensive list of subjects beginning with anything from employment contracts to job references, which are clearly organized and explained with numerous checklists and examples from real world experience.

Professionelle Bewerbungen und Interviews

Multi-page cover letters and resumes or curriculum vitae, thick application folders -- nothing bores a Personnel Director more than having to cull important facts out of excessive information. Not a good impression to start out with for an aspiring job seeker! Oluf F. Konstroffer is a professional, international executive search consultant and knows how technical and managerial candidates need to present themselves convincingly. He shows you what is really important in today's applications and interviews, which pieces of information are essential and which are superfluous. Learn how to formulate precisely and succinctly and prevail with substance.